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Calendar Girls Review

Soberton Players’ first musical production in almost 3 years, Calendar Girls: The Musical was a wonderful way to make such a return.


Susan Hyland’s direction was, as always, a joy. The characters moved around the stage and through the hall with purpose and precision. The sparkling script led the audience through a roller coaster of emotions from silent tears to great guffaws of laughter. The music and songs were lovely and very well performed by all the cast and credit must go to the talented Musical Director Kate Jones who kept everyone together and in tune.


The small stage necessitated a minimal but imaginative set which worked to great effect thanks to Susan’s excellent eye for design and functionality and the very efficient stage crew who worked silently and

unobtrusively between the scenes. 


It is in essence a very poignant story and there were some very moving moments. I must mention Jeremy Miles’s gentle but funny performance as the poorly John and Caroline Barfoot’s, at times, heart rending performance as Annie his wife. The incorrigible Chris was played beautifully by Tricia Jones, she and Caroline bounced off each other brilliantly and had the audience roaring with laughter. Caroline Rogers (Cora) was a joy and displayed her natural comedic talent as did Sharron Canning who once again got the character of the much put upon Ruth to perfection. 


Shirley Tebby made a delightfully glamorous Celia and Kate Poole a wise and very funny retired teacher (Jessie).


It was lovely to see Ewart Wood, a veteran player sharing the stage with three very competent youngsters, Luke Southcott (Tommo), Josh Candy (Danny) and Kimberley Frame (Jenny). Faith Mortimer brought out the back story to Marie with great aplomb, and Ben Bracken gave a convincing performance as the shy, nervous photographer Lawrence. The husbands who never thought their wives would never pose for a nude calendar were played with good comedic timing by Ewart, Roger Minors and Chris Mortimer. 


I must mention the very brave and pretty much silent Misses Wilson (Sharon Millmore and Sheri Stradling) who had very few lines but were unafraid to display their assets in the true spirit of the Calendar Girls.


It was a great show and the audience loved it. 

Nigel Jones

December 2022

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